Branding Agency in Chennai

branding agency in chennai

Adwants is a branding agency in Chennai that helps businesses unlock growth , by creating beautiful products and brand experiences

Every business has a story to tell, and it is our duty to make sure your story is heard.

For us at Adwants, branding is more about creating that long-lasting bond, an emotional connection with the world, and your customers.

We understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity, and using widespread research, we approach design with the sole intention of creating that everlasting impact so that your customers understand and perceive you.

Because after all, everything starts with your brand.

Your brand is simply how people perceive your business, how they see it, what they think about it and how they feel about it. Specially curated content, artistically splendid designs and the combined effort that goes into bringing your business to life is what we have to offer.

We strive to be a little different from the ordinary.

Let's run through how we craft and perfect your brand to effortlessly reflect everything you stand for.

Brand Strategy

Customers are our number one priority, whether they’re your customers or ours. Keeping that mantra in mind, we the Adwants family will go all out to ensure your brand reaches your customers.

Our brand strategy can be broken into three parts:

  • Understanding the core of your brand Your core values, beliefs, and purpose
  • Working out the tone of your brand Your personality, tone, and tagline
  • Visualizing your brand Typography, color, and other elements

At the end of the day, we don’t want to just help create a brand that reaches people; we help create a brand that connects. Our strategy makes sure your business has a voice, and so that you can be heard properly by your audience. Our brand strategy plays to strike a chord in people’s hearts, and we’re ready to pull out all the stops.

Brand Positioning

When we talk about the emotional connection with the audience, we aren’t kidding. Our team works to put together content and design that go hand-in-hand harmoniously to create an everlasting impact that is sure to get people talking.

The goal is to create a unique impression in the customer’s mind so that they associate something specific and desirable with your brand that is distinct from the rest.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Determine how your brand is currently positioning itself
  • Identifying direct competitors
  • Understanding how each competitor is positioning its brand
  • Comparing positioning to competitors to identify the uniqueness
  • Developing a distinct and value-based positioning idea

If you’re wondering how you can position your brand in the league with all competitors, then worry no more!

Brand Identity

Brand identity is how the identity of your business is represented visually, and well defined indications that are unique to your business and brand. This encapsulates the colours associated with the brand, the designs, the logo, the fonts used and all these elements that find a space in the customers’ perception as synonymous to your brand.

A brand’s logo is the most distinctive and unique element of its identity. Therefore, when you’re designing the logo for your brand, it’s incredibly important that the logo is consistent and resonates with the brand personality.

Not all logos are the same, every logo is designed with a thought behind it and it falls under a category of logos. There are basically five major types of logos:

  • Symbolic/ Iconic logos (Brandmark)
  • Word/ Text logos (typography)
  • Combination logos (text + symbol)
  • Lettermark logos (initials)
  • Emblem logos (Text inside symbol)

Keeping this in mind, at Adwants, we put all our thinking caps on to ideate and help our designers, who based on extensive research and analysis on the latest trends and designs that work, create the most compelling designs to help establish your brand identity.

Brand Taglines

When you think of a brand, what is the first thing that pops into mind apart from the logo? The tagline, of course! And while we don’t compromise on the design of your brand, we never compromise on the content. Because, content is king, after all! With our team of content specialists, we’ll whip up taglines that will make sure your brand is seen and will stay in minds for a while.

Package Design

After everything said and done, how can we miss out on the one thing that seals the deal? Our services don’t stop with helping your brand’s design stand out, but we also make sure your brand actually reaches. With eye-catching designs, or maybe even a funky illustration — whichever works to make sure you are the talk of the town, our unique take on packaging designs is sure to make people pause and take notice, and maybe even share it around a bit.

Here’s our approach to package design:


The maximum time an average consumer dedicates to a product on a shelf is 4 seconds, and we will ensure your design carries the essence of your identity with clarity.


We strive to be different from the ordinary, and that includes applying uncommon design styles with strong visual standards to make your brand stand out.


Practicality is the most overlooked aspect of packaging design. All said and done, we want to make sure your package is practical and simple, but at the same time unique to create that impact in your customer’s minds.

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