Content Writing Services in Chennai

Content Writing Services in Chennai

Adwants provides content writing services in Chennai that tell your story just the way it is.

We thrive on a well-written write-up, and good grammar gets us high. With our team of creative content-junkies, we promise to offer exciting content for your brand that is sure to leave your audience engaged, intrigued, and excited for more.

Our content writing services include

Website content

The content on your website plays a crucial role in determining your success.

We provide content writers for website content, who are experienced in creating engaging content that attracts, engages, and converts the readers. Our team of expert writers knows just the right ingredients that go into making the perfect website, and with our designers working along the way, will make your website look stunning.


Blogs are a quick way to offer relevant information to customers. Blog posts are a major element in the content marketing strategy of most of the business organizations. The main advantage of blogging is that it is quick and easy, and can be quickly found through a simple search on Google.

Our content writers know to work their way around a good blog post and choose engaging topics to weave and create stories around your brand, as well as making sure to answer the relevant questions that might be plaguing your customers’ minds.

Social Media Posts

The key to tackling social media is to make quality content. Everyone’s on social media these days, and with the attention span of people dropping by the day, the urge to write quality content is now more than ever.

With our team of exceptional writers who are no strangers to the world of the interwebs, we can whip up a good social media post for you that is bound to receive the response it deserves in no time.

Press Release

A press release is known by many names such as media release, press statement or video release. It is the official statement from an organization delivered to the media. A press release can be made to provide information to people, make an announcement or put across the organization’s statement of view.


A newsletter is an email that offers readers and fans who subscribe to a list of your most interesting content, announcements, and promotions. It can be helpful for keeping audiences in the know and also in gaining traffic.

The key to writing a good newsletter is to make it engaging and pertaining to something they would want to read. Being a stickler for a good newsletter, we know exactly what one would want to read when they open one, and we sure can write one, too.


A brochure is your information outlet into the hands of the customer, and we know the consequences of a poorly written brochure will lead the customer to lose interest, eventually moving on from the brand.

On the other hand, we also know what a brochure that delivers quality information can bring in. One that is interactive, interesting, and intriguing to the audience who will probably long to consume your product/service, and we want to give you just that.

Our content writing team is great at brainstorming to put together content that applies to the brochure format, is exceptionally creative and isn’t afraid to take the chances of getting a direct contact from a potential customer.

FAQ Pages

When you build a website, you probably think your homepage is the most important. The best FAQ pages do a lot of the heavy lifting on your website. They’re one of the best ways to acquire new customers, close sales, and save time answering repetitive questions.

Keeping that in mind, our team will put together the perfect FAQ page for your website that is easy to read, keeping your customer’s requirements in mind.

Why choose us for Content Writing

At Adwants, we have a team of highly motivated writers bubbling with the craziest ideas. Knowing their way with words, they can dance their way through any form of content, and make even the complex of tasks seemingly simple. You won’t find a creative bunch like ours anywhere else, and we make sure to nurture their creativity with the perfect challenges.

Let's work together to keep your website, blog or social media relevant with improved, consistent and SEO-friendly content writing services