GRT Hotels and Resorts - Website

Introduction :

Coming from the house of G.R. Thanga Maligai, GRT Hotels and Resorts features 16 upscale and contemporary hotels, and luxury resorts in the most desirable locations across South India. Each hotel offers unique experiences that are in synonymous with the culture of the destination.

Business Challenge :

The challenge was to design and develop a functional website with an intuitive interface, and a visual language unified through iconography, bringing alive the heritage of the brand. The brief was to create an online persona that embodies the brand’s ethos while keeping their love for singular experiences at the forefront. Improving the search engine ranking for all the 16 properties across Tamil Nadu was a major focus of the brand.

Task :

  1. Web development

  2. SEO

Execution :

The site is built with a bespoke fusion of utility and design engineered to suit GRT’s precise and unique business needs. The following strategy was created to address the brief,

Capturing actionable data :

The complexities of this step required an approach which was considerably more dynamic. We first identified high ranking keywords with good search volume, optimised the keywords on the website, created relevant meta tags and titles, posted periodical blogs, crafted a back-link strategy, performed directory submissions and innovated through content.

Streamlined Navigation :

With numerous properties offering unique experiences in each destination, we created robust navigation to direct viewers quickly and effortlessly to the right place.

Impact :

The campaign drastically elevated the number of individuals that visited the website every day. From hardly any direct bookings, the hotel currently receives about 1,325 done in a month exclusively through the website. Only after a few months post-launch, bookings through the website increased by 130%.