KREA University - Brand Study

Introduction :

KREA University was formed with the aim to redress challenges faced by students in the present world and make them industry ready. KREA University are the pioneers in the interwoven pedagogy of arts and science. Their pragmatic teaching methodology prepares the students for the next step in their career.

Business Challenge :

KREA University is well established and as with any established brand, they approached us for brand awareness and sustenance. Brand awareness through digital media exclusively, was their prime objective. Our team worked on highlighting the purpose of KREA University and its credentials through the digital media.

Execution :

As with India, which is yet to anchor fully in digital media, we found the task challenging. We developed country wide digital strategies and created highly personalized student journeys and citations from industry leaders. We also developed a unique website that is informative and holistic, for the students and for the beneficiaries.

Impact :

As a result of our thoughtful strategies and astute campaigns 600 applicants had registered with the university, making ours a big success.